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Caricature Drawing at Comic-Con
Oct 17, 2019

On the 5th of October 2019, I set up my easel and drew caricatures of people at the RAF Mildenhal Comic-Con. As it was my first live drawing event I was a bit nervous.

Leading up to the day I got some practice in when possible, drawing celebs and trying to speed up. I'm not yet brave enough to work straight with marker pens like some of the pros. So, I found some chunky lea

d pencils for thicker lines, used cross hatching to shade and charcoal sticks to cover large areas like hair to be quick. See below for a list of my gear and the materials I use.

The day was a great experience and everyone seemed happy with their caricatures. I drew for around 6 hours, spending about 15 minutes on each sketch. I even managed to get a cheeky quick selfie with the star guest Warwick Davis at the end of the day.

I now plan to practice more and have a go with markers to speed up. In the future I hope to be invited to more events and next time I will try to bring some extra hands to help with art prints etc which were available to sell but I was unable to deal with anything else but the live drawing. Hope to see you at my next event.

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